WETT Inspections

Jason is certified to inspect wood burning appliances. A WETT inspection is a code compliancy inspection of the installation of a wood burning appliance and its venting system. This includes wood stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, etc.

Why have a WETT inspection?

  • An insurance company may require it
  • As part of the sale or purchase of a home
  • After a new installation or repair of a wood burning system

This inspection is visual and non-invasive, involving photos and measurements. It does not include disassembly or functional testing. A written report is provided for each wood burning appliance and its venting system.

More information can be found on the WETT web site at www.wettinc.ca

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I am a Real Estate Professional who recommends Jason to all my clients.

I find Jason to be honest, fair and professional. He is down to earth and explains things to clients so they can understand what they are hearing. Sometimes getting a home inspection can be a scary thing...but with Jason, my clients tell me they have a better understanding of the whole process and also what they are buying.

I would recommend Jason to anybody who is looking for a Home/Septic Inspector. Jason is the BEST.

Tracy Smith

Sales Representative, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc.